According To Science, This Is The Direction We Usually Lean In When We Kiss

a couple kissing in the snow

Let’s perform our own unofficial survey. The next time you move into to grab a smooch from your sweetie, pause for a moment—just long enough to see which direction your head leans.

Is it to the left? Or to the right?

If it’s the right, then according to a recent study, you’re doing what most of us do.

Why is that?

Our brain is divided into two different halves. The left side is what controls the right side of our body. It’s also what’s responsible for the logical and practical side of us. The right side? It helps to coordinate the left side of the body. It’s also what taps into our creative energy. (That already might explain why most of us “go right”).

What the study (that was conducted on several married couples who live in Bangladesh) revealed is that 1) men are 15 times more likely to initiate a kiss and 2) heads tend to turn based on whether we are left or right-handed. It’s estimated that at least 75-85 percent of people are right-handed so, there ya go.

What’s interesting about that particular point is different hormone levels can play a direct role in if we’re more inclined to be right-handed or not. For instance, if there is more testosterone or dopamine in the left side, that can also make us more inclined to be right-handed. And to lean right.

There’s more, though. Kind of like in ballroom dancing, there’s someone who takes the lead, right? Kissing is very similar. Whoever initiates, whatever direction their head leans, the one on the receiving end usually follow suit, citing that it’s “too awkward” to go the opposite direction of their kissing partner. (Funny, we thought it would actually be more awkward to lean the same direction but…we’re not scientists, what do we know?)

We get that this isn’t life-shattering information or anything, but the next time you want to show your co-workers that you could’ve been an impressive candidate for Jeopardy here’s some info that you can semi-wow them with.

Oh, and if you happen to be left-handed and you’re sick of leaning to the right for a kiss, now you know what to do. All you have to do is be the initiator. Your man will love it, your neck will feel more comfortable and all will be right in the world.

Well, left. You know what we mean.

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