This 19-Year-Old Dyed His Hair Purple For The SWEETEST Reason

colton pappas dyes his hair purple to match sister
@ColtonPappas on Twitter

It's only February, but Colton Pappas has already won Sibling of the Year.

According to a tweet the 19-year-old LA resident posted Saturday, Colton's parents wouldn't let his younger sister dye her hair unless she could find someone else to go punk, too. (Strength in numbers, or something like that.)

So in the most wholesome and pure move ever, Colton decided to step up and go the extra (colorful) mile to make his little sibling's wish come true.

"My parents told my little sister she couldn’t dye her hair unless she found someone to do it with her," he wrote, "... so guess who has purple hair now😈"

Since Colton's tweet has gone viral, his mentions have been clogged with applause for his sweet gesture (as well as some not-so-subtle lust):

Enjoy his purple mane while you still can, though: Colton's not planning on keeping this look around for very long.

Still, it doesn't get more #siblinggoals than that!

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