Everything Your Tongue Is Trying To Tell You About Your Overall Health

Woman with her tongue

Did you know your tongue can tell you how healthy you are? Yup! The color of your tongue can tell you a lot about your overall well being. If you're wondering how well you're doing, take a look at your tongue in the mirror and see if it's one of these very telling colors:

Pink Tongue

Just so you know, pink is the color your tongue should be if it's nice and healthy!

Bright Red

If your tongue is bright red, like you just finished sucking on a cherry lollipop red, it could mean you have a hear or a blood disorder. A bright red tongue could also mean you don't have enough B12 in your system and that can be easily reminded by taking B12 pills or swallowing the liquid. 

White Discoloration

I don't need a strep test to tell when I have strep throat. Besides the normal symptoms, I can tell I'm sick by the color of my tongue and so can you! If your tongue is covered in white patches it's probably because you're sick and your immune system is messing with the tissues in your mouth. Your tongue looks a little like cottage cheese and you feel kind of crappy? Hid on over to the doctor's because you might need some antibiotics. 


You might notice some wrinkles on your tongue or maybe even a few little cracks. Don't stress, those are completely normal. All it means is that you're getting older. You know how your face wrinkles? Well, your tongue does too.  

White Patches

You should really take notice if your tongue has white patches on the top or bottom because that probably means something is irritating your mouth. If you're a smoker you can expect patches like that. But if you're not, you should take a close look at your diet and what products you're using in your mouth that could be causing some major irritation. 

Who needs to go to the doctors when you can just look in a mirror with your mouth open and figure out how healthy you are? Jk, you should probably still go to the doctors when you're sick ;). 

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