Kylie Jenner Just Spent More Than Your Annual Salary On Fancy AF Baby Clothes

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner still hasn’t confirmed that she’s pregnant, which frankly is driving us insane. JUST TELL US ALREADY!!!

But if you do a bit of Sherlock Holmes sleuthing, all the signs point to the idea that she most definitely is expecting her first child soon. And now we have a new piece of evidence in the case: Kylie’s gone nuts with the baby shopping!

The rumors started weeks ago. The 20-year-old reality star and cosmetics mogul reportedly started confiding to her inner circle that she is, in fact, expecting. Not to mention, BF Travis Scott was apparently gushing to friends that the upcoming wee nugget will be a girl.

Like we said, no one’s actually confirmed this yet. But if Kylie’s not pregnant, she’s picked up some really weird shopping fetishes:

Just how hefty was Kylie's price tag? She reportedly spent $70,000 on infant clothes. It’s obviously been mostly done from home to keep the prying eyes of the paparazzi off her, but she recently gave photographers the slip and went shopping in San Fernando Valley north of L.A.

The amount of dough blown isn’t all that surprising—would you expect Kylie’s child to wear to wear anything less? "This is gonna be the best-dressed kid you've ever seen," spills the source, who confided that there is no baby shower planned yet.

But when it does happen, there’s a 0 percent chance that shower will cost less than $100k, you can bet that!

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