Need Help Having An Orgasm? There's An App For That! (Literally)

a woman getting excited about an orgasm app
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Ah, the female orgasm. It’s something that all of us want to have—as much as possible—and yet, it's easier said than done.

During foreplay, we start to become aroused. As a result, blood begins to circulate and fill up our vagina and clitoris. At the same time, the walls of our vagina start to produce natural lubrication.

The more excited we get, the more blood flows to our genital region. Not only that, but our heart rate increases, our nipples become erect and, if intercourse has begun, our vaginal muscles begin contracting around the penis. As muscle and nerve tension builds up in the pelvic region (usually in the buttocks and legs too), there is an intense climax. And that, dear friends, is what we call an orgasm. Whew. Does anyone need a drink?

Reportedly, 95 percent of men can have orgasms, while roughly only 40-50 percent of women can. What's the deal? Although some women struggle due to physical challenges, a far greater percent simply need more time to “get there”—and that’s more than 3-5 minutes on the foreplay.

But what if, no matter how hard you try, the orgasms still aren’t flowing as much as you’d like them do? As cliché as it might sound, there is literally an app for that.

It’s called OMGYes (the site has the same name) and it’s an iPhone app that you can download. Once you do, a simulated vulva will appear along with 12 scientifically-proven clitoral stimulation techniques (along with videos and other information) to show you how to reach (or intensify) your orgasms.

If you’re wondering how “scientific” the evidence is, the answer is very. Scientists from Indiana University and The Kinsey Institute worked together to collect research, data and interviews from thousands of women to share proven methods to enhance sexual stimulation and climaxing. Pretty cool, right?

The heads up on OMGYes is that it’s not your grandmama’s app (so to speak). It’s pretty graphic, so the site requires that you be 18 or over to enter it. It’s also extremely NSFW.

But if you—or your partner—want to learn more about how to have the kinds of orgasms that you’ve always dreamed of (or heard your friends brag about), this just may be the answer to your prayers.

Thanks, science!

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