Zac Efron Looks Totally Creepy As Notorious Serial Killer Ted Bundy In These Photos From His New Movie

zac efron and ted bundy
@RT_or_fav11 on Twitter and Wikimedia Commons

This really is the start of something new.

Zac Efron has come a long way since his Troy Bolton days; whether he's starring, singing, and/or dancing in Baywatch, The Disaster Artist or The Greatest Showman, the 30-year-old actor continues to prove to us all that he's a true triple threat. 

Zefron's latest role, though, has him playing a man who's way different than most of the other characters in his repertoire — and we're kind of into it, TBH.

As Bustle pointed out, Efron is starring as serial killer Ted Bundy in the upcoming movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile — and some new behind-the-scenes photos, dropped earlier this week, are as eerie as it gets:

Please excuse me while I gouge out my eyeballs. 

It's definitely weird seeing your childhood crush as a serial killer, but at the same time ... I'm kind of digging it? 

Nicolas Chartier, the film's producer, claims he's been trying to work with Efron for years now.

"From his dramatic turn in Paperboy to his hilarious performance in Neighbors, he continues to impress audiences and critics alike with his extraordinary versatility and range," he told Variety in May. "We couldn't be more excited to see him in this amazing role." (Same, bro. Same.)

There may not be an official release date for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile yet, but we know we're going to be first in line to see it on opening day. 

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