'Rock Star In Training'! Pink's 6-Year-Old Daughter Willow Just Filmed An Adorable, Glittery Makeup Tutorial

pink and her daughter willow sage hart
@pink / Instagram

Pink’s daughter Willow is exactly as free-spirited and confident as you'd expect her to be — and she's just taken those vibes over to the makeup world.

The 6-year-old filmed a makeup tutorial on her mom’s iPhone while backstage at a concert this week, and you have to admit: It's pretty darn cute.

“My little girl and her first makeup tutorial,” Pink captioned the video, which she posted on her Instagram account with the hashtags #backstage, #rockstarintraining, and #likemamalikedaughter.

You can totally tell that Willow is a child of the YouTube and Instagram era because she knows exactly how to film a makeup tutorial, taking the time to show each product to the camera before applying them.

Willow's look includes some bright pink lipstick, bold blush, mascara, blue eyeshadow, more blue eyeshadow, blue glitter, and metallic pink lipstick. No, not all of the products go where they’re “supposed” to go — but who cares?! This is Willow’s world, and we’re just living in it.

This isn't the first time Pink's daughter has shown a love for makeup: Just last week, her dad Carey Hart shared another photo of Willow on his own Instagram account in which she's rocking purple eyeshadow on her forehead, glitter all over her nose, and some rather over-lined lips:

And earlier in March, Pink had shared a mirror selfie with her 14-month-old son Jameson Moon and Willow, the latter of whom sported a similarly creative look:

Something tells us Willow is going to grow up to be just as badass her mom.

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