These Sisters Gave Birth Just Minutes Apart & Now Their Babies Are Insta-Famous

Corey Talbott and her sister Katie Morgan with their daughters
@indiemae_and_ryattrae on Instagram

Like most sisters, Corey Talbott and Katie Morgan have been inseparable their entire lives. They've even been called the "Sticky Sisters," because they always stick together. And in August 2016, the sisters, who live five minutes away from each other, gave birth minutes apart at the same hospital.

Prior to giving birth, Corey and Katie had an adorable maternity photo shoot in matching maxi dresses where they showed off their baby bumps. Little did they know, those babies would enter the world just moments of each other. Indie was born at 1:28 p.m. and Ryatt followed at 1:45 p.m.

The cousins were already best friends, just like their mamas, before they even left the hospital. And Corey told Us Weekly that the two "actually stood for the first time within five minutes of each other. They have a special bond and it's so cute to watch them grow together. They will be connected for life."

Their first "real world" connection? Their own Instagram page. Corey and Katie set up a page for Indie and Ryatt to document their special moments together. The sisters started the page using their maternity photos, and have posted many others of the girls as they've journeyed through their first year of life together.

They rock matching outfits, hit yoga class together, and of course, Corey and Katie make appearances too. In fact, the sisters wore the same maternity photo shoot dresses for the girls' first birthday, which they celebrated in August of 2017.

With matching party hats and black and gold decor surrounding them, Indie and Ryatt rang in their first year as they've rung in every moment of their lives so far- together.

It's one thing to have a "Sticky Sister" that you journey through life with. But Corey and Katie have a very special story that they can now share with their own two daughters.

And while Katie is likely done having children (Indie was her fourth), Corey has said she would "totally want to plan it (another sister-sister pregnancy)" if possible. Perhaps that's because when Corey's breast milk supply was slow to come in, Katie pumped for both babies, since she had an abundance of milk. Knowing how important it was to Corey to keep Ryatt on breast milk, Katie stepped up to share what she had with her niece.

The sisters have been a great support system for one another, and now their babies get to shine and support each other too.

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