Kendall Jenner Reveals The 'Pick-Up Line' That Would Totally Work On Her

Kendall Jenner Reveals The 'Pick-Up Line' That Would Totally Work On Her
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Kendall Jenner is looking for love, just like the rest of us -- and it sounds like she may be just as awkward about finding it!    

The KUWTK recently wrote on her blog about her favorite pick-up move, and it’s absolutely perfectly dorky.

Kendall is a 21-year old internationally famous super model and reality star. She drives cool cars and wears fancy clothes and typically dates rappers and dudes from boy bands.

But Jenner is, at heart, still a nerd just like the rest of us, as she just revealed on her blog. In the appropriately titled, “The Cheesy Pickup Line That Would Work On Me,” Kendall reveals the move every man must know:

“I know it’s super corny and not technically a ‘line,’ but I totally love the classic movie-theater-yawn-reach. I would kind of love it if a guy did this to me, lol.”

So many questions. Why did she bother calling it a ‘line’ at all? Has no man ever tried this on her? Did A$AP Rocky never slip an arm around her shoulder at a midnight Harry Potter screening?

Anyways, everyone agrees it’s a completely adorable sentiment. But she may not have chosen the best historical example of this 'move' on her blog:

Kendall shared a famous clip Grease which is... um, potentially slightly more aggressive than we’d recommend a boy trying in 2017.

But you get what she meant.

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